The Céile Dé

In the Past ~ 

Ask most Gaels in Scotland or Ireland about the Céili Dé (plural) - sometimes referred to in English as the Culdees - and they will tell you about the time when early Celtic Christianity first emerged, without martyrdom, from out of its Druidic past; when the histories lovingly recorded in monastic manuscript blurred into myth-stories, in which their first saints often took on the attributes of the earlier Gods or Goddesses...

Some legends say that some Druids foresaw the coming of Christ and welcomed 'Rìgh nan Dùil' - The King of the Elements - into the world, long before the first missionary ever set foot on British soil.

The Rule of Céili Dé was - and still is - built upon the indestructible foundation of "listening for and obedience to the voice in the deepest part of every heart - the Christ within".

Today ~ The Order in Scotland... and the World-wide Community

The 21st Century Céile Dé Tradition, inspired by those who came before us, draws from that mytho-poetic, heart-centred relationship with the Divine that as always been the hallmark of the Celtic Soul.

Today, we honour our spiritual past by protecting the integrity of our tradition, whilst also imparting it in a form viable for anyone who is ready, willing and able to be part of a dedicated community, called the 'Caim' (the 'Circle of Grace'). Supported by each other and by Elders on the Path, 'caimeachs' (members of the Caim) meet in groups, seeking together for the only Heaven there is; the one that must first be found hidden within, so that they may learn to live from there and call it home.

The Caim is for sincere seekers who long to be part of a close and committed spiritual circle whose embrace can hold both Heaven and Earth and whose prayers sing with the voice of the Gael. It is for men and women who are prepared to be stretched by a disciplined path and released into mystical union. It is for those who understand the spiritual life is less about having beliefs than about being moved, transformed... beyond the boundaries of conditioned thinking, through our own experience, toward the infinite, unitive consciousness that Illuminates the innermost heart of all religion and all life.

The Practice