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Please make a DonationWe are a small Order, rich with love of the God who is both within and beyond our Earth; rich with love of our beautiful Tradition and its growing community. Our work is to share this powerful path of spiritual transformation and to entrust it to future generations. But we need support...

We are not a 'business'; everything we do begins and ends with "how does this best serve both your and our realisation of the presence of God?" And yet we also need to support ourselves in a world that does not operate similarly. As well as earning a modest income (all we need is all we want) we also need the resources to grow, so that the Tradition can stay hale and hearty.

Only a few years ago our beautiful tradition was dying. We have worked hard since then to breathe new life into it and there has been significant recovery. Today, it remains our most sacred intention to continue strengthening that foundation, in order to ensure the Tradition's survival into future generations. A Monastery that is a little larger than our present wee home would help to keep this beautiful tradition alive and well. We need more office space, more storage space and more than the one guest bedroom we currently have for our retreatants. We need sufficient living space to be able to bring new souls into our Order – and, most important of all, to be able to grow our future teachers. 

Whether you are a browser who has been nourished by what you have found here, a newcomer to our Tradition or a long-term committed member, if you are able to offer a donation to help us to continue this work and support our intention we would be very grateful.

Please do not feel that you have to donate a great deal; remember Christ's story about 'the widow's mite'; if everyone who has felt enriched by this web site gave just a small amount, it would help us so much in our work of offering our powerful Tradition to the present and to the future. 

If you cannot afford to send material support, please hold us, our work and our vision in your prayers.

Thank you.

The Order of Céili Dé

For USA Residents: If you live in the USA, you can either make a donation below OR you can use the link to your left to go to Termonn Inc, our USA Charitable Trust and make a tax-exempt dollar donation there (please only use Termonn Inc if you are resident in the USA).



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