Céile Dé Prayer Beads

DEAR FRIENDS - This shop is now closed for the festive season and will reopen on Jan 10th. Any paidireans ordered last week will be posted on December 18th. 

Blessings of the season.. Céile Dé



Paidirean re-stringing

Paidirean re-stringing At some point in the future your paidirean WILL break; rather than being purely decorative, it has to work for a living and so parts of it will wear out in time. Accidents happen too of course (a sudden paidirean break is said to be a good omen!). You could re-string it yourself or take it to a jewellers, but we are also happy to re-string it for you if you prefer to know that it will be done prayerfully; a re-stringing receives the same ceremony as the first stringing.

The basic cost for a re-stringing ceremony is £20, but the price may vary, depending on whether or not you need any replacement beads, etc..

Please use the 'contact us' page, to discuss your paidirean re-stringing BEFORE you post it to us. When it has been received and re-strung, we'll ask you to pay for the re-stringing and postage costs here. Then we'll send your beloved friend safely home.

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