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Céili Dé - The Companions of God

The path of Céile Dé travels through God, to God. It is a 'journey-less journey' towards the realisation that we are One with The Divine. Rooted in a Native Gaelic Spirituality, it has a deep reverence for our Mother Earth and all Her children... branching into Christ-consciousness, it fulfils itself in Unconditional Love.

The spiritual life of Céile Dé is largely contemplative and nurtures a deep and devotional relationship with that Great Mystery we call God - The Invisible Beloved, Whose Face is Everywhere...

It seeks a balance between devotional practice and transformative work, releasing us from the tyrannical hold of the conditioned self, so that it may return to the Beloved Divine, The True Being we have always been at our core.

It seeks to heal our broken relationship with Nature and develop the imaginal faculties - the language of the soul - through observing the Celtic Holy Days and through creative study of Celtic mythology, the 'Old Testament of the Gael'.

It encourages an integration of all of the above with everyday life. This creates in us the ideal conditions for real and discernible transformation: we are digging deep inside ourselves to discover that The Saviour has always been there... and we awaken from the unconsciousness and powerlessness that causes, at best, our gnawing discontent, at worst, the gradual destruction of our world. 

The following pages represent a glimpse into our tradition... 

'Ta Tir na n-og ar chul an ti; tir alainn, trina cheile'
- 'The land of eternal youth is just behind the house;
a beautiful land, fluent within itself'