Fàilte Gu Bùth Bheag..!

Welcome to our little shop...

"Bùth Bheag", pronounced "boo vake" in Gaelic means "little shop".

Dear Friends, 

We are open as usual, but please bear in mind when making your order that the post is sometimes taking twice as long as usual these days.  

Many blessings....and please keep safe and keep well, from Céile Dé

If you wish to ask about any of our products please contact us here.

Below you will see links to our four sales areas.

MerchandiseFonn CDs

Beautiful recordings of our sacred chants in Gaelic, plus booklets to help you learn and understand them.
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Other CDs

Recordings of few teachings and meditation practices from our tradition. 
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tAncient traditional Celtic Prayer beads. Each set comes with an instruction leaflet.
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... A few selected pieces of Celtic jewellery that bring the sacred to mind...
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Proceeds from sales in Bùth Bheag support the work of bringing our beautiful tradition to as many sincere seekers as we can, helping to ensure that our ancient tradition survives into the next generation and beyond.