Céile Dé Prayer Beads

We don't know the origin of the Paidirean (Gaelic. pron PAH-jur-in) but it has been used in the Céile Dé tradition for centuries. We also know that the prayer beads described in the writings from the days of St Columcille, or Columba, had the same number of beads. 

The encircled cross is an ancient symbol found in spiritualities all over the world and throughout the ages, but many people associate it particularly with Celtic Christianity. We have chosen some very special Celtic crosses to accompany our prayer beads, some of which have been specially commissioned for us. 

Whenever possible, the beads we use are carefully sourced from craftspeople for whom their creation is a spiritual practice. There are two bead sizes – 5mm and 6mm – producing a slightly shorter or longer paidirean, depending on your taste. Exact measurements are given beside each individual paidirean style.


"It feels a very personal thing, 
each little bead placed mindfully and prayerfully 
on to the thread that runs through the centre of them all 
and then by some mysterious force all pulled tightly together. 
 Holding the paidirean I too feel connected… 
like the beads on the thread I am on a common thread 
Now... pull in tightly."

                                                                                                                - Peter, Wales 

A Two-hour Long Paidirean Stringing Ceremony Dedicated to You

After you have chosen and purchased your paidirean, we will email you to let you know the exact date and time of your paidirean stringing ceremony. Attached to that email will be a simple paidirean information and instruction leaflet which includes two traditional Gaelic prayers (with translation and phonetics) to help start you off. If however you would like to actually hear the prayers and receive a more detailed teaching on how to use the paidirean, you might be interested in our "Praying with the Paidirean" CD

Drawing together all of these special ingredients, each Paidirean is ceremonially strung in Scotland by a Céile Dé Order member. One of the things that makes these prayer beads so special is that each ceremony is exclusively dedicated to the person who will use the paidirean. A paidirean-stringing ceremony takes almost two hours, beginning with a meditation and then continuous prayer during the actual stringing. Finally a blessing is spoken over the completed paidirean, which is anointed with oil and with water from our local holy well, which has been in use for at least 1500 years and is dedicated to St Mobhi.


Simple & Natural
St John's
Céile Dé


Paidirean Re-stringing

We also offer a Paidirean re-stringing service, should you have an accident with your beloved paidirean at any point in the future... It is said to be a good omen when one's paidirean breaks! 

If you wish to have your paidirean re-strung, please read the information on this page carefully before submitting the paidirean re-stringing form. Please DO NOT post your paidirean to us until we have been in touch with you.