The Fuinn

Céili Dé

Like other ancient languages, Gaelic has layers of meaning. The word Fonn, for instance, means not only a melody, but also a mood, a state of mind. It even means the land itself.

Some of our fuinn (plural) are in Modern Scottish or Irish Gaelic, many are in Old Irish, the ancestor of modern Gaelic, a language whose roots go back to the dark ages and beyond; these sacred chants are a beautiful and powerful part of the huge collection Gaelic prayer within the Céile Dé tradition.

Most fuinn are short and are repeated over and over, creating a powerful practice that can help us to sink into a deep meditative state, or enflame the heart. 

Just as the word itself has three meanings, regular chanting of the fuinn helps to bring the three parts of us, Spirit, Psyche and Physical, into harmony. Because each fonn contains its own unique sequence of specific sounds that can be vibrated in different centres of the body by an experienced practitioner, they can be prescribed as Anam Leighis (soul medicine).  

Because we always have our voices and hearts with us, a fonn can be sung spontaneously at any time; perhaps as an expression of wonder, or love, or to help us to reconnect with our inner strength, or in response to a sudden and overwhelming desire to express gratitude for the gift of life and the mystery of the Divine woven into all things.

Listen to the Fuinn

All CDs of the fuinn are available in our little shop. 

Fonn  2, Fonn 3 and Fonn 4 albums are also available digitally on BandCamp where it is also possible to listen to individual tracks before buying. 

The three examples below are from our Fonn 1 CD which, for technical reasons, is only available on CD:

"Tar a thighearna... Tar a thi" (Come, Oh thou Lord... Come Oh thou being)

"Sireadh Thall" (Seek Beyond - An improvised fonn)

"Mar a tha... moladh do Dhia..." (as it is... praise to you God... as it is)..