The path of Céile Dé

The path of Céile Dé travels through God, to God. It is a 'journey-less journey' towards the realisation that we are One with The Divine. Rooted in a Native Gaelic Spirituality, it has a deep reverence for our Mother Earth and all Her children... branching into Christ-consciousness, it fulfils itself in Unconditional Love.

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Celtic Cross

A Living Tradition

The early Celtic Spiritual Tradition was rooted deep in the land, in a time and culture where Nature was seen not as a state from which we needed to escape, but as a part of God... 

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The Céile Dé


Céile Dé teachings are given annually in Europe and the USA. Anyone who is sincerely interested in tasting the Céile Dé tradition is welcome to attend any of the events listed...

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The following articles are intended to give a taste of our ancient living tradition. The articles are replaced and added to every now and then, so do visit the page regularly for updates…

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Sacred Chants

Like other ancient languages, Gaelic has many subtle meanings. The word  Fonn, for instance, means not only song or chant, but also a state of mind... and the land itself. 

Some of these chants are in Modern Gaelic, either the Scots or the Irish variants... some are in Old Irish - the ancestor of modern Gaelic - a language that goes back to the dark ages. They represent a small part of the huge repertoire of chant and prayer that is used daily within the Céile Dé tradition.

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Lords Prayer in Old Irish


Céile Dé teachings take place regularly in Europe and the USA. Visit our events page for a full list of gatherings that are open to newcomers as well as group members.


"Uniting Heaven and Earth" - An Introductory Teaching Retreat

July 26 - 28 2024

England Holland House Retreat Centre, Pershore, Vale of Evesham

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Introducing the Céile Dé Tradition

28th July from 19.30 - 21.30 (CEST)

Europe ON ZOOM

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Céile Dé Annual NE USA Gathering

September 27-October 1, 2024

USA Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center, Craryville, NY

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Céile Dé Annual California Gathering

October 4-7, 2024

USA Holy Spirit Retreat Center, Encino, California

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