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Our enquiries desk is manned by several volunteers from our community. They are only able to respond to questions that are pertinent to the Céile Dé Tradition and are unable to forward messages to members of the Céile Dé Order, who lead a contemplative life. To help them to help you as best they can, please consider reading read our Frequently asked Questions Page (FAQs) before you send in your enquiry. 

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You may like to read Céile Dé's privacy Policy which you can find here.The short version is - we do not add your contact information to our emailing list UNLESS you are a member of our community - called 'The Caim' OR you have contacted us asking to be informed about Céile Dé gatherings, such as teaching retreats, relatively close to your area. If you prefer not to receive emails, it's easy to keep up to date with regard to future Céile Dé events, by visiting our events page regularly.

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