Céili Dé

Deercc is an ancient Gaelic word that means Love of God; it carries the sense of both God's Love of us and our Love of God; it is also a term for all the things we do for each other out of Love.

This page is for anyone who wishes to make a donation in support of any of the following aspects of my work:

Supporting General Expenses

It takes time and money to maintain both our public website and our group members' resources directory (Eólaire). There's also the everyday work involved in keeping our tradition true to its original aim as well as evolving, as any living tradition should.

Offerings in Return for Group-centred Teachings, Anam Chara Retreats, etc.

These are available to all Céíle Dé groups and their individual members. 

As setting a price for supporting and accompanying someone's spiritual life has always felt uncomfortable to my heart, my work places me in an area I wish to inhabit mindfully at all times. I ask that you help me in this by calculating how much you donate based on what you can reasonably afford.

I hope that my Deercc has served your inner life; thank you for your Deercc that continues to make it possible.

- Erlam (Founder) and Luam (Navigator) of our Worldwide Céile Dé Caim.

Celtic Cross
Thank you for supporting my work
Note: All payments are made in GBP