Céile Dé Groups

Until a few years ago, Céile Dé only taught in Scotland. As we take our teachings further afield, we encourage and actively support the formation of groups in Europe and the USA.

Céile Dé Groups meet regularly in their own areas to meditate together, to celebrate the festivals, and also to share their insights into aspects of the tradition they have been taught.

Céile Dé Groups


Céíle Dé is the kind of path that requires dedication and commitment to the inner life, this is clearly described to newcomers right from the start. To understand more about this, please read "A History and Vision Statement for Céile Dé Groups" on our articles page and also "What happens next if I want to join a Céile Dé group? " on our FAQs page. Please read as much as you can on this website, to help you to decide whether or not you want to contact one of the groups listed below about membership. 

There are other Céile Dé groups in the USA as well as those listed below, but we do not list groups here until they have elders in them who are able to support new members - and it takes time to grow elders! This does not mean it is not possible to join those groups, but it is necessary to attend a teaching retreat before doing so, so you can get some of the basics from an elder. If you live either coast of the USA, there may be a group in your area that is not listed here. Do contact us directly if you would like to enquire about groups in your area.


Location: Scotland - Edinburgh

Dream Dhun Eìdeann

Contact: dreamdhuneideann3@gmail.com  
Location: Scotland - Moray

Dream an Daraich

Contact: dreamandaraich@gmail.com  
Location: England - Yorkshire/Cumbria

Fonn a' Tuath

Contact: fonnatuath@gmail.com  
Location: USA - NE - The Hudson Valley of New York

Caim an t-Sratha

Contact: caimantsratha@gmail.com  
Location: USA - NE - Berlin, Maryland

Caim Na Mara Àlainn

Contact: caimnamaraalainn@gmail.com  
Location: USA - SE - Central Virginia

Caim Chairngorm

Contact: caimchairngorm@gmail.com  
Location: USA - SE - Washington, DC metropolitan area

Sgìre Calum Cille

Contact: sgire.calum.cille@gmail.com  
Location: USA - NW - Portland, Oregon

Caim A’ Cheathramhain Ghlais

Contact: caimacheathramhainghlais@gmail.com  
Location: USA - NW - Alpine, Oregon

Caim Rois Fionn

Contact: caimroisfionn@peak.org  
Location: USA - NW - Washington State/Island County – South Whidbey Island

Synod Of Whidbey

Contact: synodofwhidbey@gmail.com  
Location: USA - SW - Santa Barbara, California

Ciáll Dara

Contact: caimcialldara@gmail.com  
Location: USA - SW - Halcyon, California

Caim Ri Taobh Na Mara

Contact: caimritaobhnamara@gmail.com  
Location: USA - SW - San Fernando Valley / LA

Caim a' Gille Bride

Contact: ghille.bride@gmail.com