The Teachings

Céile Dé teachings are given annually in Europe and the USA. Anyone who is sincerely interested in tasting the Céile Dé tradition is welcome to attend any of the events listed on our Events Page

Teachings in French and German

Si vous êtes francophone et souhaitez apprendre plus sur la Tradition des Céili Dé, n'hésitez pas à nous contacter en français. Nous avons maintenant la possibilité de vous offrir des Journées de Découverte, ateliers ou retraites en Français avec Heike Killet qui habite en Belgique francophone depuis vingt ans. Consultez également notre page « events » régulièrement.

Möchten Sie mehr über die Céili Dé Tradition wissen? Nehmen Sie doch bitte Kontakt mit uns auf, vielleicht könnnen wir einen Einführungstag, einen Workshop oder ein Wochenende in Deutsch organisieren. Heike Killets Muttersprache ist Deutsch und sie wohnt im Süden Belgiens. Schauen Sie auch regelmässig auf unserer Seite« events »nach.  

Correspondence Courses

Céile Dé do not offer any correspondence courses to the general public. Our foundational course for newcomers, called Forus Feasa, is only available to members of our Caim.Please see our FAQs page for more information.

The Teachers

All Céile Dé teaching events are hosted by one of the following teachers, who have been trained and ordained to pass on the tradition in its purest form. 


Sue Mosher -

An Elder and founder member of our group that meets in Washington DC, Sue is also our first Céile Dé teacher in the United States. She teaches the tradition all over the States as well as being one of the tutors of Forus Feasa, a course that gives foundational teachings to newcomers to the tradition.



Marion Wilson -

Marion is also an Elder and dedicated member of our longest-standing Céile Dé group, based in Edinburgh. She has mentored many newcomers to the tradition over the years and also tutors on our Forus Feasa course.




Heike Killet -

Heike lives in Belgium. She is an Elder and founder of one of our groups that meets on Skype, due to the distance of its members from the nearest physical group meeting. As well as teaching on our Forus Feasa course, Heike also offers teaching retreats in English, French and German.



Sister Fionntulach -

Sister Fionn, as most people call her, first entered the Céile Dé community in the 1980s, when it was solely a monastic tradition; she has been teaching since 1992. Towards the turn of the millennium, she received a call to extend the teachings more widely and in 2004, with the blessing of her teacher, she founded our current community of lay-practitioners, known as 'The Caim'.