The Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition

The early Celtic Spiritual Tradition was rooted deep in the land, in a time and culture where Nature was seen not as a state from which we needed to escape, but as a part of God.

Sun RiseWhen Christianity first came to the British Isles, it took on a distinctly Celtic flavour, characterised by a continued reverence for Nature as the face of the Divine. The One God spoke simply in the solitudes of wind and woodland, sea-wave and mountaintop... and for centuries, the old Gods and Goddesses – the many faces of The One - continued to have a place in the hearts and holy days of the people.



Today, the Living Celtic Spiritual Tradition of Céile Dé is a moving and intelligent Christ-centred Path that has inherited much from the ancient wisdoms that preceded it: for Christ "came to fulfil the Law... not to abolish it".

It is a path that honours our time upon this Earth as the Womb of mystical experience; where a life lived in holy embrace of both the imminent and the transcendent Divine graces us, we pray, with Union with God, who is One.

This consciousness, that waits to be born from out of the deepest heart of us all, works in the world as a force that reconciles all dualities.

Sometimes we call that force Love, sometimes we call it Christ.

To give it life in us is to become fully Human.


Nature is the face of God
Spirit is the Invisible God
In us they become One